OPINION: Steps to follow to be the Greatest artiste in Arewa


I write this as important facts that will help our upcoming artsite in Arewa music industry and the so called celebrities. This article is based on HipHop artists, some R&B and Raggae I hope you'll be sorry for us. Your own is coming up sooner or later. I hope you'll follow it step by step and read it all over it will be a great impact in your music career. 

Remember the greatest of all times was once a beginner. If you believe with this, so keep in your mind you'll also be the greatest of all. Building a fanbase Is not easy as says by many prominent Artiste. Yes it's not easy for beginners but with patient,trust, dedication you'll surprise people how strong you are in your profession. Arewatopmusic with collaboration of Arewa music Gossips compiled this as helpful ways for upcoming artist to shine bright like a diamond. The following headlines and step will be helpful for you to read and understand. If you get any questions the comment section is yours. Feel free to comment,we reply faster than you could imagine.


Music creation will be a great impact in your career, without creating music you'll not blow and reach your potentials. Write a good song with great songs either album or single tracks.if you don't have the talent of writing good music you can hired a song writer they are everywhere. Make a good understanding with him, tell him the kind of music you wanted you'll surely be the great. Your music pattern always give impact of you being the greatest. Don't be a rushing guy always eager to release any kind of music which is not good. You can release 10 songs in a year. Yes it's good movement because as the music are dope your fans will appreciate you and wait for you to release new hits. As for upcoming artist you can release an E.p in a year with H.D quality video. Stay for a long and masters your lyrics and know there meaning don't engage yourself in putting something you don't know in your lyrics. Use your prefer language in Music don't put the language that you don't know how it's. Keep hope you'll make it don't lose in your mind always think you're the winner in everything you're doing.


Networking play a major role of being the greatest.if your lyrics is poor even with networking you won't make it that far. After creating a great music with good vocal sound or dance hall beat. Go street and see how people are hyping the song and do stage performance in your local area. After the performance you'll tell you're looking for manager 😉 in that place you don't know how people will be speaking about your talent everywhere they go. From that you can get a manager and connect you with the great artist of your hope. Having a good connection doesn't mean you make it, you need to put more effort to be the greatest among the artists you met at the top don't just collapse and be looking at them. For example in 2015/2016 when Deezell collaborate with DJ AB and ClassiQ, if it happens he didn't work hard and continued releasing good hits he would have been collapse since. But rather he continues to collaborate with another area great artist in order to maintain his standard.


You had been reading and thinking on your mind maybe I forget something important. No I can't forget this. Finance. This is where most of arewa artist fail and it's not an excuse. Most of the artist in Arewa don't take their music career serious. Some artiste can't spend 10k to record a song and they have it. They are too stingy to spend on their career and at last they'll be telling you I will soon blow this year or this year is mine. How can this year be yours. Your video quality is not good, the cheapest studios in town is the one you are visiting. 

Let say I believe you don't have money 💰, Gather your colleagues and organise hangout, concert, in schools or public and put least amount of money so more people will come and pay.large audience of people will come and watch your performance and amount of incomes will be in your pocket. You can have another side hustle doing apart from music. It will help you financially in your career of being the greatest. Music is like starting a new business,you can't   start a new business and become rich soon. You will work hard and have more clients to buy your products.


In Arewa, good music promotion will make you blow faster than you can imagine even if you have that kind of good talent. They arewa bloggers are hyping your songs with good introduction and sharing links all over the media can make a large audience of people to download,stream your songs in audio Mack and other online streaming platforms. But you know good promotion won't work without money. You matter how far we go the must important thing for you in Arewa in money to blow then talent. For example DJ AB Is Unbreakable in Arewa yes, its because he have the talent and money 💰 having all the two is the biggest advantage. Another example I'm sorry to B.O.C fans I don't mean to hurt him. He got the talent but not as rich as DJ AB though he already blow in North before DJ AB, or I should say they blow together. Share your song in every platform tell friends to help you repost it. Pay bloggers to upload your songs. Don't let any small promo past you  make sure you participate on it. Spend alot in promotion you will see the sky will be your limit.

These can help you as arewa artiste. Another advices is make sure you Punchlines are matured no hate,beef or accusing someone. Use of slangs depends on who your listeners are. Are they men or women, young or old. In anything you're doing in this world make sure you goal to achieve and make sure you fulfill your dream, don't give up there are alot of challenges in music. Face them as strong as you are.

Make sure to be posting in social media and be available to your fans always. Lower your pride and accept what ever someone said to you( Haters) don't start music with fighting with others. Beef songs reduce your audience and your fans think you are not serious and change an artist. 

Most of arewa artiste abondon social media. They will be online when they are ready to release an album or new track compare to Likes of Deezell,DJ AB,Musa Africa they will be always online anytime you need them.

Written by ArewaTopMusic Team

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