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In this report, ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM reveals the highest grossing movies in Kannywood

Kannywood like other traditional movie industry in Nigeria has continued to grow from strength to strength. The Hausa language-dominated movie industry is the fastest growing in terms of production and reach (aside Nollywood). Its aim to capture the majorly Hausa-speaking region of Nigeria and other parts of Africa has endeared it to the hearts and minds of fans.

Many actors and actresses from Nollywood have also been stars in some thrilling movies in Kannywood. The producers of these movies have continued to smile to the bank after seeing their work reaching the Box-office. While many are running at a loss, others are topping the highest grossers table, making huge chunk of money with their production.

These are some of the top movies topping Kannywood grossing list according to investigation.

Bana Bakwai

Kannywood movies like Bana Bakwai, set on a classic story line with greater depth of deviation from conventional love stories, and completely engrossing and compelling action-packed thriller, arising out of the stables of FKD Production, the home of family entertainers was produced by Abubakar Bashir Maishadda and Nazifi Asnanic, co-produced by Khalid Yusuf Kherlydo. The story was directed by Ali Nuhu. Bana Bakwai is a movie that focuses on the condition of Nigeria – unemployment and its consequences, parental stigmatisation of children, child abuse, corruption in the police force and politics, – especially the Northern Region while also incorporating the use of modern technology in the film.

Bana Bakwai grossed a whopping N3,615,000 million.

Mati A Zazzau

The film is doubtlessly successful as per Kannywood’s box-office record. It, reportedly, pulled out audience more than any other movie before it, thanks to a well-calibrated publicity and promotion by Rahama Sadau and her team. Her fame and, of course, that of the versatile Sadiq Sani Sadiq must have played a role. If one looks at the film’s poster, the size of Rahama’s photo alone may convince her fans to see the movie more often, not knowing that she plays a minor role in the film. The film director has a history of directing topical movies.

Mati A Zazzau grossed over N4.5m. It was produced by Rahama and Sadiq, and directed by Yaseen Auwal.

Kar Ki Manta Da Ni

After losing the love of his life, Nasir (Shamsu Daniya) took to drugs and became an addict within a short span of time. This led to his destruction and the end of his future dream as a youth. Released June 7, 2019 (Nigeria) it was directed by Ali Nuhu.

The movie was nominated for City People Movie Award for Best Kannywood Movie of the Year.

The storyline focuses on Nasir (Shamsu Dan’iya) and his love, Fatima (Maryam Booth). They are genuinely in love with each other, but as Nasir doesn’t have enough to get married, he loses her to a wealthy scion Isma’il (Umar M. Sharif). Consequently, Nasir resorts to drugs, turning his highly promising life into a hopeless one. Later, his stepmother’s relative Abdul (Ali Nuhu) learns about his mess. Abdul rehabilitates Nasir and graciously sends him to university after his recovery. Meanwhile, Fatima’s marriage fails, and she, therefore, chooses to further her education. The two separated lovebirds reunite in the university and share an emotional reunion in the end. Karki Manta Dani has grossed about N3.5m.

Yaki A Soyayya

This movie is centred on drug abuse and domestic violence. The tragic and melodramatic movie features a number of Hausa film actors including Nafisa Abdullahi (who also produced it) Abdul M Shareef, Falalu Dorayi and Bilkisu Abdullahi. Nafisa fitted perfectly into her role and made it look as if the script was premeditated to match her acting personality. While an A-list director Dorayi, actor Abdul M. Shareef and the other cast members provided more twists and turns as the scenes of the films unfolded. The storyline of ‘Yaki A Soyayya’ chronicles the life of a beautiful young lady who abuses drugs. The film has a sub-plot of domestic violence and other social vices that need urgent attention from all and sundry.

‘Yaki A Soyayya’ is the second film to be released by Nafs Entertainment after the success of ‘Guguwar So’.

Yaki A Soyyaya has grossed N2.5m.


“Wakili” keeps getting acknowledgements from Kannywood fans daily.

The cast of the movie includes award-winning actors and actresses such as Ali Nuhu, Sulaiman Bosho Rabi’u Daushe, Hadiza Gabon, Aminu Momo, Falalu A Dorayi and others.

“Wakili” is a Hausa comedy that portrays the Northern norms and attitudes of some appointed community leaders while carrying out their responsibilities. It also portrays royalty in a funny way to entertain fans. Movie was produced and directed by Falalu A Dorayi in collaboration with the Zaria emirate.

Wakili grossed N2.2m.

Wutar Kara

The Hausa word for “wild fire” is a film that depicts conflicts surrounding polygamous family settings common in many sub-Saharan African cultures.

This conflict often gets to crescendo when the head of the family dies and his wealth were to be shared equally among his offspring for inheritance.

“Wutar Kara” is no doubt one of the best comic movies ever produced in Kannywood from the stock of Maishadda Global Resource Nigerian Limited. The multi-million naira film which premiered in the cinema Oct. 4, 2020 has gotten wide acceptance among many Hausa movie enthusiasts.

Among the characters are the christened king of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Alhassan Kwalle, Abba Almustapha S.K. Na’Allah and Maryam Yahaya among others. The film was directed by Yaseen Auwal and produced by Bashir Maishadda.

Wutar Kara grossed N1.8m

Hauwa Kulu

“Hauwa Kulu” portrays the story of a girl played by Hassana Muhammad (young Hauwa Kulu) and her strong stand to achieve what she believes as her dream – education. Despite being a victim of rape, losing her father and mother tragically, she rises to fame and becomes a judge (played by Hadiza Gabon) in state Federal High Court and married to a wealthy man (Ali Nuhu).

The film grossed N3.6m.

Also, other Kannywood top big grossers are:

Fati N3.2m Umar M Shareef, Fatima Kinal


Kamal S Alkali

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