Four Album To Listen For These 2021 (Joeboy,Mubsy,Teeswagg,Divadii)


Arewatopmisic update

We have four artiste that drop there Album in these month.


Joeboy is a Nigerian singer he drop his Album (Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic. Here are they(Count Me Out,Focus,Number One,Police,Door,Show Me,Runaway,Lonely,Consent,Oshe,Oh,Sugar Mama,Better thing,Celebration)


Teeswagg is an Arewa rapper and a party jam singer he drop his Ep (One Man Army) containing three songs "Ke" "Baba Tee" "Baca"


Mubsy is an Arewa rapper he drop his dope Ep (Tambaya) containing Seven tracks (I'm me,tambaya,karfi,karyane,In my life,Yanga,pain) with he featured Some of the Zaria best artiste(Sixe 2,Naskeed,Skiibo,Bigbasy,BNB).


Divadii is an Arewa female rapper she drop her Ep (Sarauniya) with she collabo with two Arewa Stars "Morell & Teeswagg",the Ep containing Six songs

Four Album To Listen For These 2021 (Joeboy,Mubsy,Teeswagg,Divadii) Four Album To Listen For These 2021 (Joeboy,Mubsy,Teeswagg,Divadii) Reviewed by MR MB on 7:55 AM Rating: 5

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