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One thing with a music video is the streams which can only count when viewers watch.... The best thing about the whole music which is the audio is the sound and lyrics also the production but In Nigeria the beat to be specific (e get why) 

Before you start, study your environs first, where you’re from? The type of genre they mostly listen to and the language they understand the most, may it be Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo etc.

Putting these into your music should be the starting point of your career, else 

neglecting your societal originality is like neglecting your chances of opportunities. 

If you’re a Hausa man add hausa in most of your lyrics and juice them up with English, same as Yoruba, Igbo etc. That is originality and that is what makes artists become notable from start.

That’s the Map for your trip to success.

Written by Zayn Africa of YNS 

Compiled by Arewa Music Gossips

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