Music industry has been on lockdown —Yemi Alade


For Afropop singer and songwriter, Yemi Alade, the music industry has not been the same since the world was hit by the novel coronavirus in 2019. The singer is worried that the music industry is being threatened as a result of the lockdown.

With concerts being cancelled across the globe due to the new wave of the virus, many artistes have been forced to embrace new ways to monetise music consumption and initiate innovative models such as streaming and online performances.

With the government believed to be considering the enforcement of another lockdown to curtail the second wave of the virus, there are mounting concerns among music stars in the country about the effect it would have on their music business.

Many top Nigerian artistes are worried about the spike in the number of coronavirus cases as they fear that things could get worse if they are stopped from performing at concerts and gigs as events unfold in the New Year.

Investigation by R revealed that the industry has been hit hard by coronavirus with live performance revenue the biggest casualty. A six-month shutdown in 2020 was estimated to have cost the industry players a fortune in sponsorships, with an extension being even more devastating.

Sharing her thoughts on her Twitter handle recently, the Mama Africa crooner whose fan base cuts across the African continent and beyond, lamented that the music industry has remained in a bad state since the outbreak of the virus in 2019, saying some of her colleagues who have

continued to churn out new contents in the face of the pandemic deserve to be commended.

According to her, the music industry has been on lockdown all through 2020 till date.

“Anyone releasing content in these times, even if it is a TikTok video, is a hero. You entertained your audience, made them smile, laugh. Thank
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