COMPLETE INTERVIEW: I'm The Legendary in my Zone - LYRICAL AY

 Briefly tell us and your people about who you are

LYRICAL AY: 👋Hello friends and Fans I'm one of your favorite artist (HAYDAR ALEEYHU a.k.a) (@LYRICAL AY a.k.a STONER ATADO) and I'm based in  Kaduna state Zaria Local government, I wish all my friend's family and my Fans to be good, I  got some awards and   Achievements and I really appreciate about thems nagode nagode its ur boi Lyrical Ay. Keep reading to know me well.

How comes you get your stage name as lyrical AY

LYRICAL AY: I got that name from my friends.

Are you under any record lebel or management.

LYRICAL AY: No I'm not working at any record lebel but I work under my Record Lebel. I created it, and I'm Working on it to be large in Arewa music industry.
 I work under my record lebel name of the record [ STONER_RECORD ] and i just create the record cuz of something like promoting and bringing up  of the  upcoming artist and upcoming talents

Do you prefer a team work or Working one man army ( Only you)

LYRICAL AY: Yeah I like working with groups, but I really love STONER RECORD that my record lebel.

How long you had been in Music industry

LYRICAL AY: I've been in Music industry Since 2016. I struggle alot, I experience alot of things in music industry.

 Being in the industry since 2016 can you tell us about your experience and achievement you got in music

LYRICAL AY: Yeah I got more achievements so right now only this things I will saying thank God for the everything and my truely fans I love you all

What inspired you to a musician

LYRICAL AY: I don't have a single thing that inspire me to be Musician ,it came just like that cuz I actually like song's

 Do have other talent apart from HipHop or its your priority

LYRICAL AY: Smile Hhmmm

How about your Schooling

LYRICAL AY: I completed all my primary and secondary school at Kofan doka zaria city name of the primary Sheikh abubakar Mahmud gumi that's my primary school and the Secondary school P.S.A. Completed my primary, and secondary so right now I'm  waiting for my Exam. Let all have time please to put me in your prayers.

Do you have Boss in this music industry.

LYRICAL AY: No I don't have boss. I'm the boss of myself.

Which song is your best song you ever recorded

LYRICAL AY: Right Now. The best songs I've ever recorded is #ATADO_NATION Soon I will dropped the song. Keep anticipating it will be released very soon.

Which Arewa star you wished to collaborate with.

LYRICAL AY: @Classiq is the artists i will love one-day to collaborate with in Arewa.

 Who is your mentor

LYRICAL AY:  @Tom MacDonald

 Which genre you prefer in music

LYRICAL AY: I totally Preferences Rap and singing even Reggae

 Are you on beef with other artists in your zone

LYRICAL AY: No I'm living in peace with all the artist around.

Are you the best or you are trying in your Area

LYRICAL AY: Yeah indeed I'm the best, the legendary best.
I'm very happy to complete this interview with Arewatopmusic. I'm happy and thank all the members of Arewatopmusic more wins in your career, more success.

Yeah I have but only this message I will given them better  keep pray, and try your best help your Nervous more good things 

Source: ArewaTopMusic Team
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