Azahaks Clothing: The Arewa Best Fashion Designer complete Interview


Today we are with the Arewa best fashion designer. We discussed things with him and he gave us information about his work and everything related to his career and work. Keep reading for the complete Interview 👍 

Say something about your background?

Azahaks Clothing : My name is Adam Sufyan Abdullahi.Born and raised in Kaduna.I was born in a well educated family of nine.I did my nursery,primary and secondary education in Kaduna.I am currently studying Library and Information Science at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.I am 24 years old.

Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

Azahaks Clothing: The reason is I had the passion since when I was a kid.

Your designs are Good, but who inspire/motivate you to be a fashion designer.

Azahaks Clothing: As I made mentioned earlier,I had the passion when I was a kid; and was motivated by my family members.

Many people will like to know where your shop is, or is it online marketing you're in to. In purchasing your services

Azahaks Clothing: I am currently into online marketing because am still in school.But when I am done with my education,I will open a shop.

 In brief tell us about how you learn fashion designing and where you received your training.

Azahaks Clothing: When I finished my primary school,waiting for admission into secondary school.It was my father that took me to tailor's shop at kasuwan bacci to have the training as an apprentice.

For beginners learning fashion design, What skills according to you are necessary for them to be  successful fashion designer.

Azahaks Clothing: To be patient,dedication and obey their superiors i.e Bosses

Is there any  qualification required for someone start fashion design career?

Azahaks Clothing:  There is.But someone can be a fashion designer with just a training.

You should also drop your phone numbers and social media handle so your client will find you.

Azahaks Clothing: Phone number: 08064231930
Instagram handle:Azahaks Clothing
Facebook:Adermx Azahaks

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Azahaks Clothing: Am seeing myself having a big company with workers and Apprentices inshaa Allah.

 In which part of fashion design jobs, do you wish to work? Like company or any fashion design institutes.

Azahaks Clothing: I will prefer and like to work in company.

Being a fashion designer? What kind of clothes will you prefer designing and tailoring?

Azahaks Clothing: Kaftan,south south and Jallabiya.

I know you've been working with some model celebrities How comfortable are you working hands with models and other designers?

Azahaks Clothing: We are living peacefully, having a very cordial relationship and enlightening one another regarding our business.
What plans do you have for expanding your business nationwide?

Azahaks Clothing: Am having a plan of expanding my business when I finish my school not even nation wide but in some parts of the world inshaa Allah.

What is your educational qualification and it can impact your career success

Azahaks Clothing: I am currently a 200 level student at ABU Zaria studying Library and Information science.It can impact in one way or the other.

How can we get updated on your new Fashion designs. Whether group or Facebook page if any

Azahaks Clothing: I have a Facebook page at Azahaks_Clothing and a Facebook group at Azahaks Clothing.

Do you enjoy working in a team?

Azahaks Clothing: No

Award of Azahaks Clothing winner

Azahaks Clothing award winning 2019

 Give a short message to your client and Arewatopmusic Team

Azahaks Clothing: Am thanking my customers and Arewatopmusic.May Allah bless us all.

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