Exclusive interview with Arewa Star STARKIDD


HELLO everyone here is the exclusive interview with the one and only star in music industry. The dopest rapper Starkidd.

ArewaTopMusic: Many people wanna know who is Starkidd can tell us about yourself..

Starkidd: I'm Ammar Muhammad Starkidd. Am someone who respect every body and humble heart. I'm living in Kaduna state, Zaria local government.

ArewaTopMusic:  Where and how do you get the name Starkidd

Starkidd :  It was just created cox b4 I'm Starboy when I come to music I just like to change it to starkidd, I'm someone that always do his best in order to entertain his fans.

ArewaTopMusic: Are you under any record lebel or management.

Starkidd: I'm not under any record label but I have signed a contract with KINGZ GANG MUSIC just for 12 months

ArewaTopMusic: Do you prefer a team work or Working one man army ( Only you)

Starkidd:  I prefer One man army cuz it's  more better for me.

ArewaTopMusic: How long you had been in Music industry.

Starkidd:  well almost 4 years

ArewaTopMusic: Wow four years it has been a great.. what inspired you to be start music

Starkidd: To test my talent and Alhamdulillah I'm getting popular everyday. I've done alot in Arewa. My hard work lift my name everywhere.

ArewaTopMusic:  What inspired you to a musician

Starkidd:  I just like creating something new

ArewaTopMusic: Which song is your best song you ever recorded

Starkidd:   One of the best songs I recorded was "Lie to me ft Bbshark"

ArewaTopMusic:  Being "lie to me Ft BB shark" your best track recorded ever for how long do you prefer for the track and how you get BB shark feature in the song

Starkidd:  Lol...within 2days

ArewaTopMusic: Where can your fans get your music, add your social media accounts for easy identification

Starkidd:  All my music are available  at Audiomack,SoundCloud and this very website arewatopmusic.com

Instagram starkidd_VIP
Facebook starkiiddvip

ArewaTopMusic: Which Arewa star you wished to collaborate with.

Starkidd:  Morell

ArewaTopMusic: Which genre you prefer in music

Starkidd:  Afro pop

ArewaTopMusic: What are your advice to the upcoming artiste and the Arewa celebrities.

Starkidd:   Clean your mind hate nobody🙏🙏

ArewaTopMusic: What message are you sending to your fans, loved ones and colleagues.

Starkidd:  I really love them all and to my fans let them know  Plenty projects dey just anticipate it I love y'all

ArewaTopMusic: What is your comments on arewatopmusic management and this new promo

Starkidd:  Wow! my motivation maker. I really enjoy their movement

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Arewatopmusic Team

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