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Muhammad Saminu yahaya  (Born 24 December 1992) , also known as SIXE2 SBSK (Sabon sarki) is a Nigerian hip hop recording artist, and video director. He rose to fame after releasing "Badman" featuring" MZ MAZAZA and STILES. He won awards in Sokoto and other places in Arewa. He is one of the most popular musicians in Arewa. On 02 July 2014, He was announced as the vice president to the CEO of Zazzau city Music till date.

SIXE2 was born in Layin Bako zuntu Tudun wada Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria. At the age of 10, He moved with his family to JUSHI Zaria city. He schooled in Zaria.

In 2008, He began writing his own lyrics but haven't record any at studio due to some issues but in 2010 He started recording raps songs and performing them at social events held at his school. He got together with couple of friends with the same interest and formed a group called " Zazzau City Music" ( ZCM) till date. They had alot of show performance as a Group in Zaria, Kaduna and katsina.


"Life was not that sad. When my dad was alive, life was pretty much rosy but I lost my Dad and it was my Mum that was taking care of me. So it was kinda hard to get by, really. I dropped out of school  to focus on my music and other business. I moved to Kaduna and Sokoto and started living with friends we hustle together. We were making music, doing some small small shows just to get money.I got some small money off that to buy some new jeans and shoes so that girls would, you know, say hi to me when they see me."  Then I moved back to Zaria, we got a chance to chill at Zaria and got more recognition among artist and people.


The names of people that influence me into Music are: Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes and others.

SIXE2 cited

Super J (JIEKA): "He is my brother, he is my friend, my mentor. He is someone that if 200 people tell me no and Super J tells me yes, I would do the yes. That is how loyal I am to him, that is how I respect him, how much I look up to him. He never gives me bad advice, he wishes me well and he’s always happy when I succeed."

Most suitable artiste SIXE2 likes to collaborate with: SL33MXO ( ALIYU NUHU BAMALLI Jr) He is also in the same record lebel with SIXE2 He is a good and dope rapper whose got many fans in Arewa. They recorded alot of songs together with different styles. They're like brothers in music and real. SL33MXO specialist in Freestyle musics.



"Sir khamzee is the president of our record Lebel and 2B is the chairman of ZAZZAU CITY MUSIC." As I said earlier am the current Vice President of the Record lebel, and here the Contract signed artiste with the record label  MUBSY BAE,BAREED and DEE PRINCE.

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