Teeswaggs dumping YNS is not our problems - DJ AB

Teeswags in an interview with Abimavibes on 6th November disclose that Yaran North Side YNS didn't dump him, he is the one that snub them for some of his reasons.

DJ AB on Twitter confirm that YNS dumping YNS is not there problems.

DJ AB posted in his Twitter handle "Wow Teeswagg actually said he dumped YNS? 😂 oya na! Farewell".

Teeswaggs was among the active YNS artiste that build YNS to the rank it's now. He got alot of problem with some people in the crew that make him disappeared in their music time to time.

Alot of people are not happy the way teeswaggs snub YNS because he is a star that everyone want them to be together. Below are some people reaction to this crisis.

Taufeeq " Teeswagg fa yayi ba karya, but I don't care if he is  with you guys or he is running solo.. Duk Wanda yayi good music 🎶 dole mu saurara"

Fahad Yusuf " Ay Teeswagg banza ne.. Ya kashe kansa da wakokin batsa.."

Aisha Muhammad " Wai Dan Allah komineh yafaru tsakaninku sai kunsa a social media 🙄🙄"

Muwaffat " Dama ana beef a arewa har ya kai social media level...DAMN!!"

 Nazeey "We like them to share the source of the news...My Dj my boss...Dj_Ab"

Source: Arewatopmusic Team 

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