Northern celebrities join DJ AB On EndNorthBanditry Protest.


The insecurity in the north is getting worse and the increase in kidnapping and bandits is ramparts. Everyone is tired of the insecurity and Boko Haram crisis. Haruna Abdullahi also known as DJ AB is a popular HipHop artiste start the protests online and other celebrities join him.

Popular celebrities like Rahma Sadau, Deezell, Kheengs, Bello El-Rufai, feezy and others join the protest. The violent in Southern Nigeria about SARS has made the Northerners of Nigeria raise their voice about the insecurity, kidnapping and bad roads.

The harshtags has continued trending with the hope the government officials will look into it and brought change about it. Here are the popular tweets from the EndNorthBanditry Protest.

"Armed bandits attacked a secondary school two months ago in Kaduna state and killed one person and kidnapped four students and a teacher, in the same Kaduna Gunmen Kidnapped more than 30 people In Millennium City and killed one person, who tried to escape. "

"Dear North,
When are we going to use thesame energy we used to celebrate President Buhari’s election victory in 2015 to match for the innocent lives of our brothers & sisters who are being brutally murdered by bandits & kidnappers? Are we going to remain silent?"

"Southerners are being killed by SARS while Northerners are being killed by Bandits and Boko Haram, we need the Federal Government to #EndSARS and #EndNorthBanditry please, Nigeria is bleeding, the government has to take an immediate action about these happenings. We need Peace"

"Dear great people of the North,is not all about you Trending hash Tag on this bird app.The real protest is about you sacrificing your energy,Time and Resources to go out their and loud it.we've seen how it goes on the other side lets learn from them."

"I think y'all should keep hatred for celebrities aside, give them a little encouragement for them to support anything you implement in other to succeed any movement. At the end, it affects their families one way or another. Together we end #EndNorthBanditry."

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