DJ AB recorded 3 bangers in less than 48 hours


Yaran North Side star DJ AB (Bannan Yaya) while others recognises him as KING OF THE NORTH, have been active in music industry for decade and he is known for his dope track and thousands of fans around the country has update his fans and other artist about something unbelievable for a Star like him do while others think it's only upcoming artist that are in rush to record to many tracks in less than 48hours interval.

We didn't meet him to ask for the names of the 3 bangers but as we get to know the title of the song this post can be updated.

DJ AB has tweeted on his twitter about 3 hot bangers he recorded in less than 48hours which some of the artist think this is unbelievable. DJ AB has released alot of song and recorded alot in this 2020 but due to Covid-19 lockdown he didn't release some of the song but this is something that show how talented he is to recorded 3 songs in 48hours. 

We talked with a music producer in Zaria DJ sixe2, can this be possible for someone to record 3 bangers in 48hours and he said it depends because you can not judge the whole rappers. People are not the same some are talented and some multi talented. With this we make a prove that DJ AB is Multi talented and a future for arewa music. 

Source: Arewatopmusic Team
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