I'm the King 2020 ask kheengz - Deezell

Deezell declared that 2020 is mine and if you don't believe that ask kheengz. He wrote on his official Twitter handle, later on kheengz retweet with "They dunno" so the question here is what have we don't know? Is it something hidden or what. Deezell is known for his hardcore rap and now among the ones claiming the King of the North.

Deezell said 2020 is mine because he get alot of music to release that are so dope. Recent track release featuring DJ Ab went viral on the social media. But the question now is when is Deezell going to release his hit songs that he is proud of them? We also don't know but we know at the end of this pandemic there are alot of hit to be released.

We also advise you all to visit this site frequently for any update on Deezell and other arewa artiste at large. Thank you for reading share for friends and fans all
There are alot of things to watch in 2020 from arewa artiste. It will be very competitive for arewa artiste this time around. Make sure you don't give up. You can also make it

Below here is the tweet for Deezell

I get too many hits o 🤯..
2020 iz mine!! If u don’t believe me ask Kheengz!! 🚀🔥😂

Arewatopmusic Team
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