[Must read]Zaria people declares the best artist [photos]

Due to the contradiction in Zaria for long about who is the best artist. Today we seen a change in Zaria music industry where fans on Facebook selected the best artist according to how they are listening their musics.
For along time in Zaria everyone claims the throne of the king of zeetown but for now I think it has been concluded. Though it's not elected by AREWATOPMUSIC to select who is the best but you can judge according to the screenshots we have from the original posting from Facebook and various comment from different people some from Zaria and other state.

Zaria has been kaduna center of Hausa hip Hop for long having great artist and most of the artist in kaduna are from Zaria.
I also recommend you to download a music called we mean the world from this website I know you must put that song on repeat because it has all the talented Zaria artist feature. Low level of sponsorship is what made Zaria unknown in Arewa music industry and some of the artist because of this they quit music. Hope you enjoy reading and seeing how Zaria people comments on the best artist so far in zeetown.

Here are the list of top ten artist in Zaria and their contribution this year.

Mz  MaZaZa: Release one of the favorite for zeetown fans KARYANE and TALK and also he is working on the video of KARYANE. To be released soon.

SIXE2: He release the one and only song that trend in Arewa KUNA INA challenge by Nomiss gee which have alot views in Instagram and shares in WhatsApp.

K swaggs: He release the song HAYAKI which show that no artist like him not only in Zaria but in kaduna entirely. Also the high trending music SHUGABA.

DJ SAGS: an artist with unique style and cool voice who release alot of good hit and the favorite PARTY AFTER PARTY music that the best track.

MR 442: Having alot of issues with the police didn't stop him from giving a hot hot track BAMAJI ft Teeswaggs the song really show Mr 442 is the future of zazzau artist.

AJASU: Ajasu is not only the best in Zaria now he is trying to be the future Arewa celebrity by featuring jigsaw, Teeswaggs and alot featuring to comes this 2020. He is also on media of Arewa24 for the past weeks. His track WIWI go viral in Arewa.

ALIBOSS: a.k.a Sunana Ali he is musician and producer in Zaria he is good in producing good music for Zaria artist which some identify him as best DJ. But in music he is also good he feature celebrities like Teeswaggs on his song 247. He feature Mr 442,Chizo and others.

LIL YAKS: The fastest zeetown rapper he have the unique style in music he feature kheengs and ghali on his music I'M SORRY.

MAWAZEEY& BABAYANKS: the two must be together they are the best artist zeetown have ever seen together. The twins rappers feature the king of the North DJ Ab on a song KUDI.

DJ SANIYAYA: He have been silent in Zaria for a while but now he is back with his hot love songs that make him crown as best love song of the year Awards. His song KIN IYA & NI KADAI TANUNA

NOTE: The list is randomly pick that why it's not numbered.

If you are artist and didn't find your name may be you are not promoting your song. Arewatopmusic advice artist to be promoting their songs on this website so that you can be on top in Arewa. Update of this post can be make for 2020.

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Guy lemme tell u sumtin Wlh idn ba BBSHARK Tou Wlh ba zaria sonkai kukeyi dma tun tuni baku sonshi. Idn BBshark ba Sarki bane Meysa zazzau artist sukeyin beef dashi har wani track akayi wai KUDIN NAWA neh kuma ksan se mutum yakai akeyin beef dashi wai kaxo kana wani wai ALIBOSS waye yasanshi mey Ya iya inbnda nanaye kuma ai maweezy yadena waqa


Guy lemme tell u sumtin wannan sonkai Kawai akayi Wlh ksn Wlh idn ba BBSHARK ba zazzau kaxo kana wani sa wani wai AliBoSS mey ya iya wayasanshi BARI gashi Aliboss baxetaba suna bah sbd NANAYE yakeyi harynxu kuma tittle din da yake sawa shirmey neh idn BB ba wani Bane Meysa akayi BEEF dashi har mutum 9 on one king mtswww go think twice n redo las las gashi kou Lastdone bakasa bah

Extraordinary said...

Guy lemme also remind you on the procedure we follow by selecting the best artist. Wanda suka saki Waka akayita a 2019/2020 Muka zaba. Munsan BB shark artist din Zaria ne Amma bamuji latest wakarshiba Bada abunda yafaru Ada muke ranking ba presently mukai anfanidashi. Kafadama latest wakar bb shark a 2020 zamu cire Aliboss Musashi agun Idan Tashi tapi dadi Amma. Ko da maweezy yadaina Waka yanzu munyi anfani da wakar days sakine 2019 shida Dj ab.Ba hassada a list dinmu zahiri muke anfani dashi

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