[Interview] : Interview - With - Ismail - Xbaba - CEO - RML

My Interview To The CEO RML XBABA (Respect Men Level).

Xbaba(RML) CEO

Xbaba: Afternoon Atm

AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Malam Xbaba my interview to you is just how your fans wants to now more about you

Xbaba: Ok My name is Ismael mustapha, Am From Tudun jukun zaria  kaduna state,am born on april 3rd 1998 I did ma primary school In zaria


Xbaba: Yea

AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: But can please tell us the schools you attained in your life

 Xbaba: While I did my primary school in Royal international school I finished it 2012 and my dad decided to change the school for and he put me in Ryan crown school sabon gari Zaria dat where I continue my secondary school
: I mean royal crown school

AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Malam Xbaba Only this information can even show that you have study well,but do you continue with your study in higher Institution

Xbaba: Think you Atm

Xbaba: While am still waiting for admission


Xbaba: Nuhu bamalli polytechnic Zaria

 AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: But I have a question which religion and tribe you are

 Xbaba: Habba habba u know that men, Did u ever hear ismael mustapha but his religion Cristian or any religion apart from Muslims


 Xbaba: Yes Atm Am Muslim

AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: What about tribe
Xbaba : Hausa 

AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Usually people know that you are a CEO of RML (Respect Men Level) 
What makes you to be the CEO 

Xbaba: U know in Arewa we have many artis that has Talent but they don't have supporters

 Xbaba: I create the group so that I will give them my support I will show the world arewa has Talented people in any part

AREWATOPMUSICBLOG: It Seem you are the one that Sponsor them like money,studio voicing,stage performance and so on

Xbaba: Exactly


AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Can you tell us some of the artist that are RML members

 Xbaba : Ok Artist we have 
 Queen ayis,Dbem,Afnash,Mr Mb,Zeetown barbie
Xbaba: And members we have 
  Sarki,Sambo,Nuhu,sulaiman wali and so all

Xbaba: Or should I mention all of them


Xbaba: Ok Arsalam,micson graphics and Aliyu Dan juma


AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Some times people give you respect in your Facebook when you post what Promote you that respect they usually say all the time

Xbaba : Yes yes yes.
U know if I commented Respect on your pics Really you are legend to me,you are so special to me


Xbaba: You too your are Respect man


 AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Malam Xbaba Is True that you are going to make a wonderful Show for RML movement

 Xbaba : Yes is true

Xbaba: Now I am working for Rml crazy face paint carnival show

 Xbaba: This show it gonna be like hot soup with Peper

AREWATOPMUSI BLOG: Ok I wish more fanz will be there
Xbaba Ameen Think you

 AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: These interview has come to an end what advice can you give to those that they didn't have Boss that can make them Promote in there musicians activities

Xbaba : They have to be percipient, they will face many challenges bt be percipient by the grace of God they would achieve success

 AREWATOPMUSIC BLOG: Thanks you best CEO RML Xbaba for giving CEO 

AREWATOPMUSIC time to interview with you,thank you sir

 Xbaba: Thank you so much Atm

Thank you Boss.
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